Breck's Last Game

Short film and lesson plans

Breck's Last Game (15) has been rolled out in secondary schools across the UK to highlight the risks of grooming by asking the question, “Do you know who your online friends really are?” The video was launched in April 2019 and a resource pack is available for schools to be included in PSHE lessons alongside the film. The project, to put the film and related lessons plans together, is the work of an innovative collaboration between the foundation and four police forces – Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Essex and Surrey.

Breck’s killer, Lewis Daynes, ran an online server where Breck, and several of his friends, played games online. It was through this forum that Lewis Daynes groomed Breck over 13 months – telling him a series of lies, turning him against family and friends, and eventually luring him to his flat on 17 February, 2014 on the promise of handing over a fake business. The film gives your school the opportunity to generate vital discussions with students about who they are talking to online and how they can keep themselves safe.