raising funds

There are many ways businesses can offer their support to our charity.

Matched funding and volunteer days


Many companies and organisations offer volunteer and matched funding schemes as part of their CSR (Corporate Responsibility) policy. These often allow staff paid or unpaid time off to volunteer for charitable organisations. If matched funding is available it often means that companies will give an equal amount to the funds raised during specific events
or challenges.


Sponsor or organise an event

We can tailor a project or event to suit your business objectives, and the funding available. However big or small we are always very grateful for all contributions.

You could help by donating a service or a raffle prize, or maybe you would like to contribute towards a fundraiser that we are organising by paying for the advertising or printing of leaflets, for instance. We are always happy to add your logo to our posters as a thank you for your sponsorship. 

Alternatively, how about considering organising an office cake bake, bingo or quiz night; you could also even arrange a family fun day or host an event like a charity ball.

Fund a project

The Breck Foundation frequently has projects on hold awaiting funding, this can range from online video resources, school infographic posters, speaker funding for specific areas, or a play about Breck’s story. If you would like to help fund these or any other project please do get in touch.


Employee fundraising

Perhaps there are challenges your staff would like to partake in, whether it’s skydiving, running, climbing a mountain or abseiling down a building, challenge events are a great way to push personal boundaries and raise money for a great cause at the same time.

We run an ongoing sponsorship challenge, No Tech 4 Breck, which encourages people to ditch their technology for a few hours to raise awareness of online safety and raise funds for The Breck Foundation. This challenge can be done at school, at work or at home as a family. Many people find it a great way to reconnect by ditching their technology.

If you would like your organisation to become involved with The Breck Foundation please contact us to find out more