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Breck Foundation's official statement

We are proud to associate ourselves with the 2024 
Safer Internet Day.

We are proud to associate ourselves with the 2024 Safer Internet Day. 


We are disturbed by the shocking increase of self-generated child sex imagery amongst young children, extreme online misogyny, and the declining mental health of the UK’s children due to their relationship with social media.  


No adult can be with a child supervising their online activities 24/7, the only thing that can stay with a child all day every day is their own education. Which is why we focus on empowering children to make the right decisions on their own.   

This year, we want to flood schools across the country with conversations about good digital citizenship! We are asking our supporter schools to hold 'wear yellow' days in show of their support for online positivity and their stance against digital hate and bullying. 


We believe that the more of us who visibly stand up for positivity online the more impact we can have; because only by working together can we reclaim the internet for our children and

young people.

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Encourage digital kindness with us!

On Safer Internet Day, we are asking schools to get involved in our Wear Yellow Challenge in an effort to start conversations about how we behave online and promote good digital citizenship. 

The challenge is simple - on Safer Internet Day you invite all the children to wear yellow for £1 donated to the Breck Foundation! We hope schools use this as an opportunity to teach lessons on digital citizenship, cyber bullying and online hate. To find out more about how to hold a Wear Yellow Challenge day, please download our pack for a step-by-step guide and helpful teacher resources. 

Fill out the form below to download the Wear Yellow Challenge resources.


Breck Foundation films and music 

A Breck Foundation film: Breck's Last Game

Breck's Last Game is our award-winning film that was a collaboration between us and four police forces. It won
a silver medal at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
in 2019.

We use it in our secondary school presentations to highlight the risks of grooming by asking the question: “Do you know who your online friends really are?” , but the film is also an excellent way for parents to open up conversations with teenagers about online safety. Please do watch the film first to assess whether this is right for your child.

Breck Foundation Music 

Author and teacher, Mark Harrington created these powerful musical tracks for schools to support teaching online safety.

Consider using them in a music or drama class - if you do incorporate them into your Safer Internet Day plans please let us know at

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