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Back to School 2020

Hello everyone. Here is hoping that our children have a safe and warm return to school in the next few days. My heart breaks for all the children who have suffered during this time in different ways, from the loss of education to not being able to access support, missing rites of passage and special events and just enjoying friendships. While I have missed seeing friendly faces in my presentations, I have had the chance to re-evaluate my work/life balance and exercise more often. I’ve also loved eating dinner and sometimes lunch with my fiancé and triplets (while still looking forward to their Uni departure so I don’t have to decide on meals every day - I can never seem to please everyone!)

For some families with vulnerable or shielding members at home, this could be a worrying time. Hopefully, though, for most of us, this will be the right thing to do to get our children back on track, learning, playing and socialising. There will always be some children who are much better off within a school community from a safeguarding standpoint, and for most children, the school environment is what they need for normal growth and health. Before I lost Breck I used to work at a primary school and I do miss those days; it was almost a chance to have a bit of ‘kid’ fun myself, learning, playing and laughing. We could all probably use more of that!

We are hoping to be able to present in schools again very soon and can now deliver our important messages via the online video platform Zoom. Every child needs education about recognising signs of grooming and harmful behaviour online.

I have heard from numerous parents who have struggled with home schooling, keeping to a routine, and trying to balance their children’s online time, on top of working from home and attempting to keep everyone calm and happy. Who would have thought that parenting could be so difficult?!?! Luckily, parenting is also very rewarding. I continue to struggle with worry as I could not bear to lose another child, and there are so many obstacles children will face throughout their lives. This is why at the Breck Foundation we promote ‘real-life’ lessons, delivered in an engaging and interesting way to ensure children internalise our important messages. When children are safe and mentally and physically healthy, with rewarding, genuine relationships, they are better able to excel in their studies.

After the craziest of years that we have all had, we hope this term brings a new beginning with positive experiences. We look forward to an enjoyable school year with refreshed teachers, so our children can continue to expand their horizons, focus on their learning, engage in school life, and develop community. Together we can make our world a better place.

Happy new school year to you all.

Lorin LaFave



Take action today and help end online grooming crimes

Only by working together can we help young people reclaim the internet 

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