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We believe that the best way to create a culture of awareness is through education. Working with schools we deliver our presentations to students, staff and parents to raise awareness about the dangers young people face from online grooming through gaming and social media.
In alignment with Government curriculum guidelines, we use
age-appropriate presentations for each key stage.
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4
I just wanted to say how Shirley was such an amazing speaker at the course I attended yesterday. I was impressed by her speaking and interpersonal skills. She made us feel very welcome and was brilliant at facilitating very open and inspiring discussions... I have never left a conference feeling so inspired.

Southwater Infants Academy 

Thank you again for coming in today.  I have already had fantastic feedback from the Head of Year 7 who thinks you should come in to all years and rates it as "the best talk on this topic I have ever seen".  Will make sure that gets written on a feedback form!

Warden Park Academy

Your work will potentially save
lives... Thank you

Thurfield School