the Breck principles

The Breck Foundation is raising awareness for playing safe whilst using the internet. Keep safe by following these simple principles that we have created using Breck’s name.
You can download a poster of the Breck Principles below:

be aware & believe

Be aware of the real and increasing dangers today’s children may face online. Believe that there are people who use the internet to groom, abuse and exploit young people.

report it

Report any concerns immediately to school, police, Childline, NSPCC or CEOP. Even small pieces of information when put together can make up the bigger picture of what may be happening to a child online.


educate &

Educate others on the signs of grooming and exploitation. Be empowered to act on concerns.


Encourage and support young people to communicate concerns about themselves or how their peers are behaving online. Support others by sharing these principles within your community.


know the signs 
& keep safe

Know the signs of grooming and exploitation. Keeping safe online must be everyone’s priority!