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A third of all children have 'adult' social media accounts

Ofcom has found a third of all children have 'adult' social media accounts - children are frequently lying about their age online to access different content, games and social media sites.

Social media sites must do more to protect young people online by improving age verification and keeping them safe from harmful adults/adult content. Proper age verification and safety regulations could, in cases like Molly Russell's and our Breck's, save lives.

However, children are already out there using the internet in this way. We believe they should be educated and empowered to spot danger signs and stay safe online, which is why we go into schools and share Breck's Story.

Explore our four key educational programmes on our new website and let us know if you have a school, community group or private company you want to get involved:


Take action today and help end online grooming crimes

Only by working together can we help young people reclaim the internet 

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