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Breck Ambassadors Breck Bednar

Breck Ambassadors

Our work is powered by cooperation with children and young people. Co-production and co-delivery help us create well-informed young people who can educate and inspire thousands of their peers,
hugely expanding the reach and impact Breck Foundation. This is
why we employ this approach on our projects, such as the Breck Ambassador programme.

Who are the Breck Ambassadors?

Delivered in partnership with the Volunteer Police Cadets, this peer-to-peer programme trains young cadets and empowers them to teach Breck's story in their local schools. The programme creates a host of well-informed ambassadors of digital safety who can educate and inspire thousands of their peers, hugely expanding the reach and capabilities of our Foundation.

Involved in a Cadet programme, Scouts, Guides or similar? Are you interested in having your group trained as Breck Ambassadors?


Contact us to start the conversation.

Who are they

Breck Ambassador FAQs

  • What size audience can you accommodate?
    Schools: We prefer to talk to a maximum of two year groups at a time. This is because our presentations are very specifically targeted to different age groups. Generally, we talk to years 1 and 2 together, then 3 and 4; and 5 and 6. Secondary groupings are similar. The number of pupils of course varies with each setting, but generally, anything over 150 pupils becomes harder to give an in-depth presentation to. Non-school sessions: We are incredibly flexible with our speaker sessions and are happy to deliver to a group of any size. Please do note that the smaller the group size the more opportunity for interaction and personal engagement which does lead to deeper impact and learning. We are more than happy to talk to you about your specific requirements.
  • What's included in the presentation?
    This is age-dependent but includes a talk with a Powerpoint presentation and age-appropriate video clips. Time for Q&A is allowed during the presentation and at the end. Please find more information about what's included on this page.
  • Do you deliver virtual sessions?
    We are able to offer all our talks via Zoom, Teams or Google Classroom. These can be delivered to the main hall with pupils watching a screen, or to screens within a range of classrooms at the same time. We are eager to work with more schools to deliver via Zoom so please do contact us to discuss your needs.
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