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Happy Children

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Thank you for your interest in joining us to help reclaim the internet for children and young people!  We value and celebrate the role each of our colleagues play in creating impact.

Become a volunteer

We are very proud of our lovely volunteers and are always looking to grow our team. You might only have a couple of hours a week to offer but we would still love to hear from you. If you would like to join us please fill in the form below.

Our volunteers take on a variety of tasks which can include speaking at a school, manning a stall, collecting donations at an event, coordinating social media drives, putting up posters or to helping to drive our sponsored challenges in your area. There is no obligation. You can give as little or much of your time as you want. 

Online Socializing

I just wanted to say thank you for organising the talk last night. It was really moving and a massive eye opener for a mum with two younger children who hasn’t really considered internet safety. 

A parent
St. Christopher's The Hall School

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