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Safer Internet Day

Making space for conversations about life online

6th February 2024

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Breck Foundation's official statement

We are proud to associate ourselves with the 2024 Safer Internet Day.


The tragic story of Breck Bednar has taught us the significance of working together with children and young people to deal with the insidiousness of online grooming and exploitation. We remain committed to enabling and amplifying youth voice both, in raising awareness /educating the public on the issues and in our approach to policy work.

We firmly believe the next step towards a safer internet is the passing of the Online Safety Bill. Since Safer Internet Day 2022, the dangers children face online have deepened, darkened, and adapted themselves to exploit new technologies. We are disturbed by the mammoth escalations in the problems of self-generated child sex imagery amongst incredibly young children, the increases in cyber-flashing and sextortion of teenage girls, and the intensification of extreme radicalisation of boys online.

Toddler with Mobile Phone

We are committed to empowering young people with the knowledge and confidence to spot digital exploitation, report perpetrators and reclaim the internet from those who use it to cause harm. No adult can be with a child supervising their online activities 24/7, the only thing that can stay with a child all day every day is their own education.   

We are once again using the Safer Internet Day as an opportunity to draw attention to the important work that we and other like-minded organisations do.

This year, we want to flood the digital world with joy and positivity and are asking our supporters to wear yellow colours in show of their stance against online hate and bullying. We believe that the more of us who visibly stand up for positivity online the more impact we can have; because only by working together can we reclaim the internet for our children and young people.

Spread online joy with us this Safer Internet Day!

On Safer Internet Day, we want to flood the digital world with joy and positivity! We are all going to be wearing yellow and standing up to online hate, bullying and harmful misinformation.

Want your school to join us? Download our Wear Yellow challenge pack for schools here

How to get involved:

  1. Take a selfie or short video of you wearing something yellow

  2. Post it on any social media platform and add a caption explaining what you are doing and why (don't forget to tag us @breckfoundation so we can see all your wonderful pictures!)

  3. Tag 5 friends in your post and challenge them to take part and wear yellow with you

  4. Donate £5 to Breck Foundation to help us empower more children to stay safe, happy and joyful online

  5. We'll share your posts to amplify JOY all across the internet!

The Wear Yellow challenge 

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Breck Foundation resources for parents and teachers 

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Conversation starters

Parents can often feel at a loss as to how to start those tricky conversations. All children, but particularly older ones, are wary of a nosey parent and may not be keen to chat about the complexities of internet safety. Download our poster to see our list of great conversation starters that you can use with all age groups.

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Film: Breck's Last Game

Breck's Last Game is our award-winning film that was a collaboration between us and four police forces. It won a silver medal at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in 2019.​ We use it in our secondary presentations to highlight the risks of grooming by asking the question: “Do you know who your online friends really are?”

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Game: Making decisions

This set of scenarios is ideal for older primary or younger secondary children, and poses the kind of real-life situations they might find themselves in. Ask them to advise what the young people in the situations should do. You can cut the worksheet into cards they can choose from if you want to make it more of a game.

The UK Safer Internet Centre resources 

Safer Internet day is coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, the celebration sees thousands of organisations get involved to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.


In the UK this year we are celebrating by putting children and young people’s voices at the heart of the day and encouraging them to shape the online safety support that they receive.

Safer Internet Day Video Wall

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The UK Safer Internet Centre resources

To help schools, youth groups, police services, libraries and wider run fun and engaging activities for Safer Internet Day they have created education resources. Free to download, these engaging resources are tailored for 3-18 year olds and are designed to put children and young people’s voices at the forefront of the campaign, encouraging them to help shape the future of online safety support.

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