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Game Over: a Breck Foundation play

The award-winning playwright Mark Wheeller wrote the powerful verbatim play ‘Game Over’ based on Breck's story for secondary school students. The play uses the real-life words of Breck, Breck's family and the predator.

These student-led performances, which can reach whole-school groups, parents, and teachers, allow for students to become immersed in the story while learning how to stay safe online.

To accompany Game Over, we have created a series of supporting workshops for students to attend, designed to:

  • explore issues around online behaviour and grooming

  • educate about potential victims, predators, signs of grooming and how to seek help

  • empower young people to speak up when concerned and giving them the tools to do so

Get in touch today to find out more about putting on Game Over at your school or community group

BBC News report on Game Over's premiere at Beaumont School in 2019.  

Watch this video to see the BBC's Education Editor interviewing the brilliant pupils of Beaumont School about the impact that performing Game Over had on them and their online habits. 


Beaumont School commissioned Mark Wheeller to produce the Game Over play through National Lottery funding, it is now available for use in other settings.

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