speaker sessions

Would you like one of our speakers to come and talk to your school or organisation? Speaker presentations are the core of our work in educating young people, teachers, carers, parents and safeguarding professionals about how to stay safe in the online world. We speak to all ages from reception upwards with our specially created age-appropriate PowerPoints.
Schools can also incorporate our purpose-designed lesson plans based around ‘Breck’s Last Game’ into PSHE lessons.
Speaker Presentations

Face-to-face or virtual presentations from expert speakers, who use age-appropriate material and images to bring the important message of 'Play Virtual/Live Real' into your school. They give young people the opportunity to discuss the issues and ask questions. These interactive sessions can also be presented to parents. Your school then has a platform from which you can develop an ongoing dialogue with your students and their families about online safety. The material can be adapted for you to use on your school’s website and/or intranet.