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Book a Breck Foundation speaker

Read through the page below to find out more about our speaker sessions, including what they are, who they are for and other FAQs. Use these buttons to jump to the information you need.

What are the speaker sessions? 

We deliver powerful, compelling online safety presentations using Breck's story to educate everyone on the dangers that children and young people face online.


Breck’s story is relatable, topical and moving, and has the power to reach people of all ages – and persuade them to act - in a way that traditional online safety talks do not.


Each session contains tools and signposts to help the audience understand how to spot the signs of grooming, and how to report their concerns. Q&A sessions are incorporated at the end of each presentation.

We deliver speaker sessions for schools, parents, corporate companies, community groups and more - look below to find out more.

Who are the speaker sessions for?



We deliver sessions in schools for children from the age of 5 up to 18, but also for parents, teachers, governors and all school staff.


We believe that because everyone has eyes and ears, everyone needs to be aware of the signs of grooming so they can take action, such as reporting and preventing. 

Want to do more in your school on internet safety? Why not get involved in our long term education project RISE e2e instead? Find out more here.

Hear from primary school teacher, Richard Preston, about why he believes Breck Foundation speaker sessions are essential for every school and every parent.

Corporations and companies:  


We visit organisations and companies (both in person and virtually) to deliver our lifesaving online talks and empower staff to be online safety heroes for the children and young people in their lives.


If your organisation signs up as a Corporate Breck Foundation Friend, you will receive access to a range of exclusive benefits and opportunities. Find out more about the Corporate Breck Foundation Friend programme

Although it was a very sad subject, our company’s staff were unanimous that it was a phenomenal presentation about cyberstalking and grooming.

A Breck Foundation Corporate Friend
a leading global provider of business information and analytics

Other organisations:


We can deliver our powerful talk to any group or organisation. Please get in touch and we will work out how best to do so. The types of groups we can work with include: 

  • Scouts, Guides, Girls' Brigades and Boys' Brigades   

  • Cadets (air, sea, Army) 

  • Religious group (any religion)  

  • After school club 

  • Sporting groups  

  • Community groups 

  • any group with a focus on children and young people​ 

We believe that everyone is a stakeholder in the lives of children, so we will deliver our talks to all groups of interested and concerned people.  

What do the speaker sessions discuss?

Who are they for
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