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RISE e2e 

Breck Foundation's Resilience Internet Safety Education end to end project is a unique long-term schools partnership programme for pupils, teachers and parents, centred around online skills and digital safety. The project will help young people thrive online by empowering them to be able to spot the danger signs of online grooming and abuse and to become digitally resilient.

What is RISE e2e?

Rise e2e stands for ‘Resilience Internet Safety Education - end-to-end project’, and is our new sustained, long-term partnership pilot programme that we offer to schools in London and the South East of England.

​The project starts with Breck’s story as a base, but then builds on the knowledge over the school year to create skilled and resilient young people who can spot a broad range of harms online and keep themselves safe. 

Programme content includes: 

  • Presentations centred on Breck’s story delivered to all at the school, including pupils of all ages, staff and parents 

  • Tailored follow-up presentations on other online safety issues including fake news, mental wellbeing, digital citizenship and bullying 

  • A range of peer-led projects around safeguarding and safety 

  • Surveys and quizzes to assess pupils' progress in understanding  

  • Printed and digital resources to help consolidate learning, both inside and outside the classroom 


The programme fills a gap in the UK national curriculum regarding education around online grooming, exploitation and abuse, giving young people the skills and knowledge they need to keep themselves safe from harm in the digital age. 


I strongly feel ALL adults and teens should hear you speak and that we filter this message to share with younger children. 

Warden Park Academy

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