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Everything we do is to help protect children online

Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of children and young people:    they are the reason for everything we do. Every action, approach and strategy is aimed at keeping them safe.


We listen, react and evolve based on what we learn from young people.

We focus on education, co-production and empowerment with children and young people whilst creating educational resources and advocating for policy change to support this.


We put young people first. 

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speaker sessions
Breck Foundation School Session

Speaker sessions

We deliver powerful, inspiring online safety presentations to children, parents, teachers, governors and other school staff. Breck’s story is relatable, topical and moving, and has the power to reach people of all ages – and persuade them to act - in a way that traditional online safety talks do not.

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Learning with Tablets

RISE e2e

Rise e2e stands for ‘Reslience Internet Safety Education, end-to-end’, and is our new sustained, long-term partnership pilot programme with schools that we are proud to offer free of charge.  

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Game Over Breck Foundation

Game Over

Game Over is a dramatisation of Breck’s story written by the award-winning playwright Mark Wheeller. It is written for older secondary pupils (around GCSE level). Alongside the play we offer workshops designed to enhance and cement the messages learnt from the script. The play is co-produced with students from the schools, who perform it in front of audiences of their peers, teachers and parents.

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Game Over
Breck Ambassadors Breck Bednar

Breck Ambassadors

This programme for young people aged 13-17 creates a host of well-informed ambassadors of digital safety who can educate and inspire thousands of their peers, hugely expanding the reach and capabilities of our Foundation.

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Breck Ambassadors
Media Interview

Policy and advocacy

For years, the internet was self-regulated, which has had disastrous and dangerous consequences for young people. In 2022, the UK Government began constructing a new Online Safety Bill (OSB) that they believe will make the UK the safest place in the world to be online, especially on user-generated content platforms (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc).


However, the OSB is inadequate. We believe that (as of the time of writing) in its proposed state, the OSB would not have saved Breck Bednar. This is an opinion shared by Amanda and Stuart Stephens about their son, Olly. 

We recognise more must be done to pressure the government and technology companies to take child safeguarding seriously and create laws, policies and practices that are holistic and effective.

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Playing video games

Become our BFF

Our amazing supporters, known as our Breck Foundation Friends (BFFs) make our work possible. Without them we would not be able to keep reaching children with Breck's story. Our goal is to reach all children irrespective of their backgrounds, this means we must be able to offer our services free of charge to those communities and schools

resources to pay for it.

who do not have the 

Read in our strategy why we focus the delivery of our free sessions to schools that exist in the lower 50% of the Index of Multiple Deprivation

As our BFF, you will receive our newsletters and new research reports before anyone else. You'll get important updates on how children and young people are experiencing the digital world, as well as tips to help keep them safe online.

You'll be the first person to hear about upcoming Breck Foundation events, conferences, jobs or fundraising opportunities to get involved in.

We will let you know how much we appreciate your support by involving you in our work when opportunities come up and by holding a BFF reception at our AGM.

Media Centre

Stay up to date with the latest insights and updates from the Breck Foundation team. In our Media Centre, you'll find a collection of interviews, articles, and podcasts featuring our team members on various news outlets and platforms. Hear firsthand about our mission, ongoing efforts, and expert advice on keeping safe online. Explore our latest media appearances and stay informed on how we're making a difference in the digital world. Check back regularly for new content and updates.

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