No Tech for Breck: raise money and get the kids off screens!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

You may have heard about our ongoing screen-free challenge, No Tech for Breck. It’s an idea we launched a few years ago in schools and it’s been hugely popular, with some schools making it a yearly event.

In No Tech for Breck we challenge children and their families (and their friends and teachers!) to spend 24 hours without the internet. This includes phones – at first children look horrified, but when they realise they can get their parents and carers in on the act too, they quickly change their minds! By getting people to sponsor them to do this they raise money for the foundation, to help us continue getting our word out there, and they also get to discover just what life was like in the old days, BI (before internet!).

If you are running out of ways to get the kids off screens this summer why not take up our challenge as a family? You could spend the time outside, playing sport, walking, reading books or even good old-fashioned board games. It might sound a little twee but time playing games and doing something a bit different is often when children open up and share stories about what’s going on in their world, so it can be a really useful connecting/bonding time. Some of the children who have taken part on our challenges have even surprised themselves with how much they enjoyed the screen free time and their families have made it a regular part of their week.

To get involved, follow this link here. Thank you and happy screen-free time! Let us know how it goes. If you prefer you can download the printable sponsor form below.

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Sarah Smith

Foundation Speaker