and follow the Breck principles
The Breck Foundation campaigns for a safer internet for all children and young people – whether they are gaming, communicating on social media, using apps or taking part in any other internet-based activity.


If you or someone you know  is experiencing difficulties online, click here for 

information on the issues and where you can access the help you need.

 parents & 


We work with parents and carers to educate them about the dangers of online grooming. This helps them to educate and empower their children to make better decisions when online. 

 schools & 


We work with education providers and safeguarding professionals to educate young people about the dangers of online grooming. This empowers them to make better decisions to stay safer online.

 corporate & 


We work alongside charities, groups & corporate businesses to educate their employees, partners and members. We have spoken at many conferences about online safety. This is a topic which affects adults as well as children.