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Post presentation activities and resource packs

We recommend that you plan time for a post presentation session to take place as soon after the presentation as possible, this will allow time for:


  • Questions and discussions: we find that many students have a story they want to tell, unfortunately we can’t get to them all in our presentation. 

  • Feedback: we ask that you take a few minutes to complete a quick class feedback form, this helps us improve our work and secure funding to continue as an organisation:


Primary school feedback form

Secondary school feedback form

If you have any questions about gathering feedback please email


  • We suggest that this time is used to evidence the learning (please find all the resources you need in the post presentation resources which you can download by age range below). You could ask your students to create one of the following:

1.       Poster of what they have learnt about how to stay safe online 

2.       Blog post: Advice to other students on how to stay safe online  

3.       Blog post on their experience hearing Breck’s story, how they felt hearing it, what they took away from it?  

4.       Any other activity from our post presentation resources 


Please do send blogs and posters to our email (with name, age, school) as we will be posting some of the best on our website for all to see!

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