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Signs of online abuse

Signs that a child or young person is suffering from online abuse could include:

  • changes in behaviour/mood

  • knowledge of adult issues or talking about things that are inappropriate for their age

  • young children may start to bed wet

  • changes in their attitudes towards social situations - becoming avoidant of friends and family 

  • alcohol or drug abuse

  • unexplained school absences

  • unexplained gifts 

  • taking new risks that seem out of character 

It is important to look out for other changes to do with their online habits:

  • new and strange followers, friends or interactions on different social media platforms 

  • playing with new "friends" on online video games

  • having multiple different accounts on social media sites

  • new and unexplained devices in their possession

Download our PDF to help you spot the signs of grooming.

From Breck's story we understand online grooming - make sure you do to

Our organisation was founded in 2014 in response to the tragic loss of Breck Bednar, a 14-year-old boy who was groomed and murdered by an online predator. We work to stop this online abuse from happening again.

Please note if shown in cinemas this would be rated a 15.

Online grooming story:

Breck Bednar

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As a self-funded charity we rely on the kind donations of people like you to stay in schools educating children about the dangers they face online.


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