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We get 
excellent feedback 

Our speakers, whether in schools, community groups or corporate settings, always get brilliant feedback. But don't just take our word for it, take a look at all the feedback we get below!

Feedback from children and young people 

So far in 2023, we have asked over 450 children and young people in year groups 1 - 13 for their opinions of our speaker sessions and workshops:


understood more about what grooming is


had more confidence in identifying dangers of grooming


felt they could stay safer online

In June 2023, we took part in an educational roadshow across Dover.


The 1300 young people that we presented to were asked if the roadshow would change the way they made decisions going forward.

91% said yes!

We are so proud to make changes to the ways that young people live their online life, making smart decisions could save their life.


Quotes from children and young people

I found it really interesting - the whole thing. Especially when I heard Breck's story. It was interactive and kept me interested.

Year 6 - Kingsfield Primary School - 2023

I really enjoyed the story and it was really engaging, unlike many assemblies i normally attend. It had clear morals and the presentor was really clear and confident.

Year 10 - Queen Elizabeth's School - 2023

I found the way that the story was presented, showing what online grooming could do, rather engaging, and it made me realise how bad things can get if you are not safe online

Year 9 - Queen Elizabeth's School - 2023

I think the part where she explained the signs of grooming were really helpful and useful to know. Also knowing what could potentially happen in these situations.

Year 9 - Charles Darwin School - 2023

I liked when we talked about people who would hack others because I realized that you can not trust people online unless you've seen them in real life like a friend from in school

Year 4 - Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School - 2023

I found the age of Lewis interesting, as I didn't expect him to be so young.

Year 10 - Queen Elizabeth's School - 2023

Parent feedback

Thank you so much for the talk last night - It was hugely informative. The lady from the Breck Foundation spoke so well

Felsted Prep - 2023

Really interesting to hear how Lewis isolated Breck from his friends. & to hear the way Breck seemed to accept his parents concerns, but in reality he was still in contact & passing on information to Lewis. A very eye opening account of what happened.

St. Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School - 2023

To be honest the whole presentation was interesting and useful. A parent presentation like this shows you that the statistics are not what you think!

Earlswood Junior School - 2023

Brecks Mum was so eloquent and obviously a wonderful parent - it was sobering to see a lovely family affected in this way.  I’m so grateful for the nudge out of complacency.

St Thomas - 2023

I am sure that everybody who watched the event live or via the recording will have learnt something new.

Felsted Prep - 2023

What a heartbreaking but powerful presentation. I have much more to learn

but there were so many useful tips in this presentation to get me started.

Felsted Prep - 2023

Teacher feedback

It was a very clear presentation, led well and confidently. With my Y2 class, I found the content appropriate and also leads to open a door further for conversations with children and parents about online safety.

St. Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School - 2023

The gradual unfolding of Breck's story helps the students to empathise with the situations he found himself in and the feelings he experienced. I think most of them appreciated that they have much in common with Breck, so it could have happened to them.

Carwarden House School - 2023

It was very well structured and I felt that every part of the presentation was engaging, useful and helpful for all.

St Edmund's College & Prep School - 2023

 I found the signposting to report remove helpful as I didn't know about that and will share that with children in the future. I thought the presentations were excellent and that the children and the parents left knowing more about what grooming is and how to prevent it.

Danes Hill School - 2023

The speaker was amazing. She presented extremely well to UKS2. Very clear and formative. I've actually been to a few schools now and seen different people presenting - you are all amazing and for an incredible cause.

Hillcroft Primary School - 2023

The way the friends of Breck were introduced to the children made it seem much more real. I think hearing them speak really made the children realise that this situation could happen to any of them or their friends reinforcing the importance of reporting anything worrying.

Priory Junior School - 2023

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