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A seasonal message from Lorin

This year there has been so much going on around the world, both good and bad, but it was a special year for me personally. I married my husband, David, in July and we were able to have a wonderful celebration to combine our two families just as restrictions lifted. Thank you so much for all the well wishes we’ve received.

Team Breck have worked hard all year to deliver our presentations by any means possible and will continue to educate, create engaging resources, and share awareness of how to keep children safer online. I am so proud of them and am hoping Santa is good to all of them with love, friendship, warm homes and a special pressie or two under their trees!

More seasonal good news is that we have recently welcomed on board some fantastic new trustees, including our new Chair, Emily Cherry, whom I have known for many years through our shared passion for child protection. She has a wealth of background from more than 25 years’ work in the sector with NSPCC, Barnardo’s, IWF and more. This woman is on fire, and we really appreciate her help taking on this challenge. Look out for our profile piece on Emily coming soon.

A huge welcome also to Laurence King, who has joined us with very helpful skillsets arising from his many years of COO and management experience, and Corinne Sterry, a business owner and fundraiser who successfully led the Breck Ball committee.

We are also wishing farewell to trustees who have put their time in with us and are now moving on: Ella Muers, Louise D’Costa, Mark Willoughby, and Liz Mason. Liz was on our original board and was our chair, spending many hours in the office supporting the staff. Best wishes to them all on their future endeavours.

Meanwhile, remember to think through any new devices that Santa may deliver to your lovelies this year. Look at the safety aspects, parental controls, age restrictions and guidelines, and try to work with your children’s friends’ parents to set up parameters for that all-important online/offline balance. A shiny new bike could be the healthiest gift of all! And not the electric kind, go old school!

Please keep Breck Foundation in mind when thinking about helping others over the holiday season and into the new year. Some ideas are volunteering, donating, choosing us as your charity of the year, booking a presentation, asking at work about corporate matched funding or sponsorship, arranging to perform one of our plays, participating in a challenge event, or just sharing awareness of our work to keep children safer online – working together really does help.

Lastly, my dream wish is for children all across the globe to get the love and nurturing that they deserve. I am lucky to have my amazing triplets, but not a day goes by that I don’t shed a tear, or loads, over my beloved Breck David, who is missed more than he could ever imagine. My wish to you all is a wish that I have had since having the privilege and miracle of becoming a parent: that your children keep healthy, happy and safe. What more could a parent want?

Happy hols and best wishes, Lorin

Lorin LaFave



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