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Breck Foundation launch brand new teacher resources

This year's Safer Internet Day is upon us, and with it comes our busiest week of the year for school talks. It is, of course, also a reminder that there is always work to do to make the internet a safer place.

Every year there are new children joining the online community for whom Breck’s story and its lessons are unknown. Since this time last year the Breck Foundation has spoken to nearly 27,000 children, parents, teachers and safeguarding professionals about how to stay safe online. This figure continues to grow every year as more people hear our presentations and rebook for the following year’s intake.

For Safer Internet Day this year we are launching our latest resource which is in the form of a post-presentation pack*. This teacher resource follows on from our presentations and provides useful activities and resources to keep the conversation going in lessons in the days and the weeks following our talks. The key to learning is ensuring that the information reaches the long-term memory bank - and we hope these resources will help children to remember the key messages we delivered to them.

We’ve often been asked if we have any follow-up information and so we are thrilled to have these new packs available, along with a parent advice sheet that can be sent to parents after our talks. The advice sheet is especially useful if schools have booked one of our parent sessions as it contains all the key information needed at a glance.

If you have had a talk at your school and would like to receive our post-presentation packs and/or our parent advice sheet please do contact us via our website.

*The packs are currently for primary level only, but watch this space for secondary resources

Sarah Smith

Foundation Speaker


Take action today and help end online grooming crimes

Only by working together can we help young people reclaim the internet 

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