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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Two years ago, I was summoned to attend some online safety training at the school where I work. Great, I thought. Another hour of my time taken up after a full day of teaching. I was preparing mentally to have to repeat to my students the ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ mantra. I sat through the presentation given by the Breck Foundation and it turned out to be the most world-rocking training I’ve ever experienced. This was my first experience of hearing Breck’s story.

The story hit me to my very core and I immediately wanted to find a way that I could help the charity. The presentation I had seen was part of the first training that was being delivered for special needs students. Being in special needs education I understand that there is no one way of delivering a lesson – SEN students have varying needs. After a conversation with the trainer, I came up with some initial ideas of delivering Breck’s story in a children’s book format, rather than a PowerPoint.

I was then invited to meet Breck’s mother, Lorin LaFave, and she gave me her blessing to begin creating a picture book using the Breck story for SEN students.

As I researched further into the book I realised that I needed to create several different books for varying needs and ages. What has finally come out of it all is a brand new resource: three different books all focused on helping children understand about grooming and online safety.

First, there is ‘This is Breck’, a picture book for students with the mind-set age 4+. ‘Breck and the Online Troll’ is a picture book for students with the mind-set of age 7+. Finally there is ‘Play Virtual. Live Real’, a play for students with the mind-set of 10+.

Soon after I began the project Lorin asked me to join the Foundation as a trustee. I was honoured and am still proud that I can help this very important charity. Over my next few posts, I’ll be talking about each of the books, how I wrote them and the artists that worked with me. I hope that the books will be able to help teachers, parents and carers find a way to discuss online safety in a different way.

Breck Books Project will be published in November 2020 by Salamander Street Publishing. To find out more please send an email to You can follow Mark Harrington’s projects on Facebook and Instagram at @harrington_projects

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