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Happy Birthday to my Breck

When I think of how hard we all work to make your story a ‘saviour’ for others, with all the support from communities, and testimonials for our work, I know that the Breck Foundation is doing what it should to keep the internet safer for children. But still my heart breaks to think of the loss and what you could have been. My clever and kind boy, who would not hurt even an annoying little triplet (who were always adoring you, their helpful big brother). You would have turned 22 on St Paddy's Day. I know you would have been unphased by the pandemic as you were so chilled and excelled online; you were right on the cusp of your potential. No matter how long you are gone I will always miss you. I tear up at the thought that if only I had heard me speak, you would be here with me now. May your lessons continue to save others from grooming and exploitation. I only hope you knew how loved you are.

Forever young and beautiful, my Breck

Lorin LaFave



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