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London Landmarks Half Marathon 2025

Lace Up your trainers to help young people reclaim the Internet!

Join us for London's central half marathon through Westminster and the City on 6 APRIL 2025!

Each stride, each bead of sweat - they'll all be worth it as you pound the pavement of London's iconic streets during the upcoming London Landmarks Half Marathon. But this year, your miles will mean so much more than just personal achievement. By claiming one of the Breck Foundation running spots, you'll be raising crucial funds and awareness to empower young people to reclaim the internet as a safe, enjoyable space.

A map of the London Landmarks Half Marathon through the city center and westminster
Marathon Map

The digital world was meant to connect us, but increasingly, it has become a realm where online predators roam unchecked. The devastating loss of young Breck Bednar demonstrated this harsh reality and sparked the birth of the Breck Foundation. Now, our organisation is pioneering education that equips children with the knowledge to navigate the web confidently while fostering kindness, empathy and inclusivity in online interactions.

A Breck foundation runner from 2024 and his daughter

When you run for the Breck Foundation, you become part of the solution - powering innovative programs that are shaping a safer digital future for generations to come. With every step, you declare that no longer will the internet's vast possibilities be tainted by exploitation and harm against young lives.

Our team at the 2024 marathon cheering on the runners
Team Breck

Imagine the proud smiles of students as they learn to spot online dangers, build resilience, and safely explore the internet. Picture the relief of parents knowing their children are equipped with essential digital literacy skills. This is the impact you can create just by lacing up your running shoes on race day.

The course stretches ahead, winding through the landmarks that make London a global capital. But the real journey is the one you'll fuel - leading our youth to reclaim the internet and its extraordinary potential for learning, connecting and exploring. Take your place by registering for a Breck Foundation racing spot today by emailing

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Take action today and help end online grooming crimes

Only by working together can we help young people reclaim the internet 

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