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Cyber security company held fundraising poker night

On the 15th of November, the cyber security and resilience company Mitiga held an amazing poker evening at Eight Club London with all the proceeds being donated to Breck Foundation.

The night raised a fantastic £1,000! This money allows Breck Foundation to visit two new schools, teaching all the children how they can keep themselves safe online.

Thank you Mitiga for supporting us!

Want to help us stay in schools making a direct impact with children? Sign up to be our BFF and gift us £1, £3, £5 or more every month -!/

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4 days ago

The cyber security company's fundraising poker night was a creative and engaging way to support their initiatives. It not only showcased their commitment to community involvement but also highlighted their expertise in fostering innovative cyber security solutions. Such events not only raise funds but also promote awareness about the importance of robust digital protection in today's interconnected world.


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