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National Children’s Day 2023 - Play Virtual, Live Real

National Children’s Day 2023 exists to highlight the essential need for all children to have a healthy childhood where their rights, freedoms and well-being are ensured. Yet there is something spoiling this for so many and it is hiding in plain sight, in their schools, behind bedroom doors and inside their pockets… the unregulated internet.

99% of children in the UK go online and we believe it is their right to do so safely. We envision a world where children can confidently use our shared online landscapes to help them thrive in their real lives. Where the videos, creators and forums they interact with support their well-being, not damage it.

We focus on teaching the ethos of Play Virtual, Live Real.

We believe that the first step is supporting children to Play Virtual: giving them the tools to explore the Internet and be empowered to avoid abuse, grooming, exploitation and radicalisation.

The second step is to help them Live Real: to encourage them to focus on friends and relationships they have offline, helping them prioritise joy and connection in the real world.

By teaching Play Virtual, Live Real, we can make sure that all children’s right to freedom and safety online is protected and that more children can have the healthy childhood they deserve.


Take action today and help end online grooming crimes

Only by working together can we help young people reclaim the internet 

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