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Who’s Zoomin’ Who? The Breck Foundation’s presentations go digital

We are so pleased to be able to announce that we have begun delivering our schools presentations via the video conferencing app Zoom, with our inaugural presentations taking place over three days at Tollgate Primary school in East London.

When Covid 19 hit and schools closed their door for lockdown, we were of course unable to carry out the main part of our mission - to visit schools and present to parents, children and teachers about online safety using Breck’s story as an example. After a few tweaks and some experimentation though, we have reshaped our presentations to be Zoom-friendly, which opens up an exciting new world for us once the schools reopen in September.

Shannel Duncan at Tollgate School was a patient and extremely helpful third pair of hands for the presentations, helping to organise the children and repeat their questions during the Q&A so I could hear everything clearly. The children were thrilled to receive their Breck Foundation wristbands as you can see from the pictures, and we know that the talks definitely hit home as there was at least one disclosure from a child to a teacher afterwards that will be followed up on to ensure his safety. This is brilliant news as one of the big questions facing all organisations now using apps like Zoom is whether they can be as effective delivering online as they are face to face. It seems like we can be!

Our books are already starting to fill up for Zoom talks for September, so if you would like to book any Breck Foundation talks or find out more about what we can offer, please click the link here and drop us a line.

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Sarah Smith

Foundation Speaker

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