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Thank you for having Breck Foundation to speak

Please do email any photos that you might have taken of the session to so that we may use them in our communications or simply tag us in your own social media posts.

We rely on feedback to help us improve our sessions, secure funding and advertise our services to others, so if you can please do complete a short feedback form. It only takes a few minutes for you but it really makes our day!


Find the appropriate feedback form here:

We have a suite of downloadable post-presentation packs that contain helpful information, such as: the signs of grooming, where to go to for help, how to react if a child discloses abuse and more.


Please make sure to download the appropriate pack below. If you belong to a policing organisation please use this document to give to members of the public who make enquires about possible grooming crimes. 


Are you a teacher? Don't forget about our post-presentation activities and resource packs

Did our session leave you feeling inspired to take action and help the next generation reclaim the internet from those who use it to harm? Consider becoming a Breck Foundation Friend! There are so many ways to become a BFF, you can become our BFF by:


  • signing up to be a monthly donor

  • becoming a corporate sponsor 

  • fundraising for us 

  • organising a Big Breck Walk


If you have an idea for how we can collaborate on a community project or fundraising event please do email Use the links below to find out more about becoming our BFF. 

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